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Environmental Management Plan


Brand: SafetyCulture

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Product Description

Environmental Management Plan

This Environmental Management Plan (EMP) provides a template for organisations to utilise in creating the basis for their own EMP Management System. The goal is to ensure business practices are conducted in an environmentally aware and responsible manner, with minimal environmental impact.

  • Aligned with key elements from State and Federal Environmental Legislation.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone document or incorporated into your existing Environmental or OHS Management System.
  • Can also be used as part of your tender applications.
  • Australian Government (1999): Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act
  • AS/NZS 14001:2004: Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use

The Environmental Management Plan contains:

  • Statement of Commitment
  • Risk assessment
  • Proposed activities summary
  • Summary of site and surrounding area
  • General environmental factors risk assessment and control summary
  • Contractor management
  • Legislative change management
  • Roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Training, competency and awareness
  • Monitoring and auditing of the EMP
  • Emergency plans
  • Administration
  • Sustainable Procurement Policy
  • Site specific hazard assessment checklist
  • Non-conformance action plan

 Product Details:

  • 14 Page Document
  • Written by ex-inspectors
  • Referenced
  • MS Word format NOT PDF
  • Simply replace XYZ Company with your Company name and fill in the boxes
  • Employee agreement
  • Contractor sign off register

This document has been developed and provided by SafetyCulture Pty Ltd and is offered for sale by ACRIS Services who are licensed resellers for Australia. SafetyCulture employ former WorkSafe Inspectors to research and write documents ensuring safe work practices can be understood and followed by employees performing high risk activities in the course of their duties. SafetyCulture's mission is to make Safety A Way Of Life for workers across the world by providing documentation through software and printable files.