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What is a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)?
A Safe Work Method Statement is a procedure for a high risk activity. They are designed to identify potential hazards associated with the tasks performed, keep workers safe and reduce risk.

When do I need a SWMS?
A company with employees engaged in High Risk Activities needs to supply SWMS for the Employees.
If working as a contractor, you are expected to provide your own SWMS.
SWMS are needed for every high risk activity that is performed.

Example of High Risk Activities & SWMS:
Working at Heights
Confined Spaces

Who Determines what is a High Risk Activity?
The principle contractor (Whoever is contracting you) determines what is a high risk activity. If they ask for your SWMS, you must provide them with your site-specific documentation.

What is a Site Safety Management Plan (SSMP)?
A Site Safety Management Plan sets out your company's rules and site specific information for each worksite.

When are SSMPs Required?
According to Australian Legislation, they are required on construction sites for work costing over $250,000.
Safety Officers lately are asking commercial subcontractors for their Site Safety management plan on jobs of a contract value of $250,000 and under.

What Is a JSA?
A JSA is a Job Safety Analysis. Using a JSA template one would go and look at job and decide what activities are involved that would be of high risk and therefore need a SWMS.

Who needs an Emergency Plan?
It is a legal requirement for every workplace in QLD, NSW, ACT & NT.

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