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  • Construction Subcontractor OHSE Management System V2

Construction Subcontractor OHSE Management System V2

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Construction Subcontractors OHSE Management System V2

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  • This OHS system can be used by any business working on construction, roadside, mining, earthworks or any site other than their own premises.
  • Includes a Subcontractor's Site Management Plan outlining the arrangements for managing work, health and safety out on the job site. The subcontractor's site management plan provided in this package assists subbies in managing their sites. For those businesses who also act as the Principal Contractor on site please refer to the WHSMP.
  • Designed to provide a framework for you and your workers to behave in a responsible and safe manner.
  • The content of this OHS Management System has been aligned with key elements from AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001 and the Work Health and Safety Act & Regulations 2011.
  • Includes:
  • OHS Policy/Procedures Manual
  • Tools & Forms Kit
  • Subcontractor’s Site Management Plan




What´s included in this system?


OHS Management System

The Construction/Subcontractors OHS Management System is a fully comprehensive document, which provides a method of stating how you, your workers, subcontractors, visitors and anyone else are expected to behave when on Company property or performing Company related tasks and activities.


As an employer or responsible contractor, you are required to provide a "safe system of work" as part of your compliance. This means you need a method of communicating and implementing a way of working safely. The basis for this process begins with your Occupational Health & Safety Policies which have been developed in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Occupational Health & Safety Regulations 2007.



OHSE Site Management Plan


Subcontractors are a critical section of the industry who have the power to make a real difference to improving OHS on building and construction sites. This plan outlines effective Subcontractor Site Management, The OHSE Site Management Plan (SMP) will assist in meeting Occupational Health and Safety obligations under the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act 2004 and OHS Regulations 2007 and includes processes in place for the management of projects.