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  • Job Safety Analysis Worksheet

Job Safety Analysis Worksheet (Risk Assessment)


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The new Safe Work Method Statement rules make having a Risk Assessment or Job Safety Analysis Checklist (JSA) even more important. This Job Safety Analysis Checklist will help you quickly identify risks, indicate proper safety procedures, educate workers on safety for this job site and select the relevant Safe Work Method Statement. 

Every work site that has a high risk activity must have a Safe Work Method Statement showing a detailed procedure for carrying out the activity. The Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Checklist is a tool used to identify which SWMS's will be required.

The JSA can be used to assess any job sites that involve risky situations. These situations include any work sites where employees are engaged in, standing on, working with, near or at one the following obstacles:

  • Heights of more than two metres,
  • Demolition,
  • Asbestos,
  • Diving,
  • Trenches or shafts deeper than 1.5 metres, 
  • Temporary supports for structural alterations, 
  • Powered mobile plant, 
  • Explosives, 
  • Confined spaces, 
  • Tunnels, 
  • Tilt-up or precast concrete,
  • Electrical installations or services, 
  • Roads or railways in use by traffic, 
  • Water/liquids that pose a drowning risk,
  • Telecommunications towers, 
  • Pressurised gas distribution mains or piping, 
  • Artificial temperature extremes, 
  • Contaminated or flammable atmospheres and/or chemical,
  • Fuel or refrigerant lines.

In each of these situations, the worker's life could be at risk and letting them know exactly what to do to prevent that loss of life or injury.  At almost every work site in Australia, one or more of these situation occurs. By law, the company needs to produce a detailed SWMS for each site. That's where the Job Safety Analysis Checklist comes into play. It helps work site managers quickly identify and record hazards, so that the correct SWMS can be chosen. This ensures the safety of the company's workers. 

This handy checklist acts allows for the quick identification of the SWMS required for each job site. The eight-page document includes three sections: Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control. These sections allows individuals to identify, assess, record and control risk in the workplace in a single sitting and then choose the correct SWMS.

With the JSA checklist, the work site leader can quickly do the following tasks:      

  • Record employee understanding of Safety procedures in a nifty chart.
  • Customise each chart to the individual job site or business.
  • Post nifty charts in a visible spot to remind employees of protocols. 
  • Identify risks quickly. 
  • Flip to coloured risk charts to easily determine risk level. 
  • Refer to guide notes as needed. 

The Job Safety Analysis checklist reduces the time spent to choose the right SWMS, which will touch on all the legal requirements needed to improve employee safety in a hazardous workplace.  If that sounds like something your company needs, then click on the "Add to Cart" button and proceed to checkout to download this Job Safety Analysis Checklist instantly.