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  • OHSSMP Construction OHS Site Management Pack  Principal Contractor V2

OHS Site Safety Management Pack - Principal Contractor - Victoria


Brand: SafetyCulture

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What We Include In This System:


OHS Management System

The Construction Site Management Pack for principal contractors operating in Victoria is a fully detailed document, that details a method to write down how your workers, subcontractors, visitors and most importantly yourself are to behave while on Company property or while performing activities for the company.

This system comes with a variety of policies & procedures, emergency plan, forms and checklists.

Principal contractors are required by Victorian regulations required to provide a "safe system of work". This means you need to have in place a method of how you communicate and implement your way of working safely.

This process is based upon your Occupational Health & Safety Management System. This management system has been developed in accordance with all the relevant Victorian regulations including the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2004 and Occupational Health & Safety Regulations 2007.

Construction HS Co-ordination Plan

The Construction Health & Safety Co-ordination Plan (CHSCP) will help you to meet all of your Occupational Health and Safety requirements under the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act 2004 and OHS Regulations 2007. It also includes some processes you can put into action to help you with the management of projects.

The regulations dictate that the Principal contractor is legally required to have a health and safety co-ordination plan for construction projects valued at $350,000 or more. It is important that the Construction HS Co-ordination Plan is developed before the commencement of any works.

Employee Induction Handbook

This is a site-specific induction that any employees or contractors should undertake before they begin any works on your work site. This handbook will help them to understand any hazards, risks, controls and safety rules that apply to the site. It is essential that a site-specific induction is completed for all employees who are carrying out construction works in Victoria.