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  • Pool Concrete Box, Steel and Shape SWMS

Swimming Pool Construction SWMS


Brand: SafetyCulture

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Swimming Pool Safe Work Method Statement


This comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) describes in detail the basic job steps, hazards and controls that can commonly occur during the construction of in-ground concrete pools. This SWMS document also includes details for steel fixing, installing ancillary plumbing, placing formwork and the placement of concrete including shaping of the concrete shell.


This SWMS document does not cover the use of the following: excavation machinery concrete pump or electrical work. In the case of these items, you will be required to have a separate and dedicated SWMS.


Ready to Use


You can save time with our completely customisable templates because they come pre filled. You just need to add your company details, your company ABN, and include any details that may be specific to your site, make sure that the details are specific to the task at hand. Once you have filled out these details, you can print the document off and it is ready to be included in the companies overarching WHS System.




Swimming Pool SWMS Includes: 


  • High Risk Construction Work
    • Mobile Plant   
    • Working at depths greater than 1.5 metres, including tunnels or mines
  • Risk Assessment Matrix
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • PPE
  • Job Steps (includes potential hazards and control measures)
    • Planning & Preparation
    • Training and Capabilities
    • Assess onsite conditions
    • General Work area set up
    • Delivery of materials (steel reinforcement etc)
    • Setting out / profiling pool
    • Excavating foundations
    • Installing plumbing
    • Setting steel reinforcement
    • Setting formwork
    • Pouring concrete
    • On Completion
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Legislative References
  • Employee sign off section
  • Review & Monitoring 



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This document has been developed by SafetyCulture Pty Ltd and is offered for sale by ACRIS Services who are licensed resellers in Australia. SafetyCulture employ former WorkSafe Inspectors to research and author documents ensuring safe work practices can be understood and followed by employees performing high risk activities in the course of their duties. SafetyCulture's mission is to make Safety A Way Of Life for workers across the world by providing documentation through software and printable files.

SWMS - Safe Work Method Statement

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are required for any high risk activity that is performed by an employee in the workplace. Each document must identify the risks involved when performing the activity, a risk rating for each risk, a safe work method to perform the activity and a residual risk rating for the risks. SafetyCulture SWMS comply with current WH&S legislation in all states in Australia for both Commercial and Residential Construction Work. This document is fully completed with a step by step procedure that can be edited and appended. This is not a blank template, it is a comprehensive procedure that has been researched and developed by a qualified writer.