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Safe Work Method Statements

Write your own SWMS with the help of a Safe Work Method Statement Template

Want to write your own SWMS? There are quite a few important parts to these statements, so if you’re looking to create one, it’s best you use a safe work method statement template.

Some templates leave out some very important parts. There are some obvious ones like the date, name of the activity, or address but you need to make sure to include these:

• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – It is important to include any PPE required. For example, if you were writing an SWMS for a construction job, your statement should inform the worker(s) to wear a helmet.

• Competency or Certificates Required – Don’t forget to enumerate any qualifications required. Be sure to ask for license numbers if applicable.

• Authorizing Person – Remember to mention who authorized the statement and their position in the company.

• Step by Step Process – List down the steps and duties for the workers to see. Also, include the equipment, risks, and the procedure to be taken if faced with an emergency.

• Control Monitoring Methodology – Make sure to include the control monitoring methodology that will be used.

• Training – If there is any training necessary, it needs to be stated along with the qualifications of the person(s) that will conduct the training.

• Relevant Laws and Codes – This is probably one of the most important ones to include. Make sure to list all legislation relevant to the work to be conducted like health and safety acts and regulations.

Writing your own SWMS, even with the help of SWMS template can be difficult and costly. You can rest assured that our statements include the above and are sure to guide your workers, decrease possible mishaps, guard your business against legal liability claims, and ultimately help improve your workers’ effectiveness.

Make a saving for your business and buy our SWMS varying in all industries of work. Our statements will repeatedly protect your business and your workers. Use a safe work method statement template or one of the ones we’ve prepared. Don’t wait any longer, provide your workers with a risk-free environment.