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  • Kitchen Strip Out

Kitchen Strip Out SWMS


Brand: SafetyCulture

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Product Description

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This SWMS includes:

  • PPE
  • Safety Notes
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Operation
  • Emergency Procedures

Product Details:

  • 12 page procedure
  • Microsoft Word Format
  • Add site specific details and risks
  • Make it task specific
  • Instant download delivery

Preperation - Ensure:

  • Power tools are in good condition and power cords are not damaged or have exposed wires
  • Electric leads/extension cords are not placed in areas where they could be damaged, run-over or pose a tripping hazard
  • RCD/safety switches are provided for electrical equipment.
  • Guards in place
  • Blades sharp and free of damage
  • If applicable, oxy-acetylene cylinders are secured, not leaking, undamaged and in good working order. Flashback arrestors installed. MSDS obtained for gases. Welding mask provided with suitable lens filter.

Kitchen Strip Out and Replacement Information:

The Kitchen Strip out and replacement Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a comprehensive 12 page procedure outlining the safety steps for strip out of old kitchens and replacement with new kitchen materials (cabinets, bench-tops, painting, flooring).

The Kitchen Strip out and replacement procedure is ready to use and is not a blank template. Simply add your company details, ABN, and include any site specific details or risks and make it specific to the task at hand.

It is then ready for printing and to be incorporated as part of your overall OHS System.

The Kitchen Strip out and replacement procedure can be used as part of your OHS inductions, for Tool box talks or tender applications.


  • OHS Legislation in all States
  • WorkSafe Victoria Code of Practice for Manual Handling
  • AS/NZS 1716:2003 Respiratory protective device
  • WorkSafe Victoria – Compliance Code – Removing Asbestos in Workplaces
  • NOHSC:2018 (2005) – Code of Practice for Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces
  • Worksafe WA Department of Commerce (2008). Manual Handling and Plumbers (Water, Drainage, Gas, Sanitary and Maintenance)

This document has been developed and provided by SafetyCulture Pty Ltd and is offered for sale by ACRIS Services who are licensed resellers for Australia. SafetyCulture employ former WorkSafe Inspectors to research and write documents ensuring safe work practices can be understood and followed by employees performing high risk activities in the course of their duties. SafetyCulture's mission is to make Safety A Way Of Life for workers across the world by providing documentation through software and printable files.

SWMS - Safe Work Method Statement

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are required for any high risk activity that is performed by an employee in the workplace. Each document must identify the risks involved when performing the activity, a risk rating for each risk, a safe work method to perform the activity and a residual risk rating for the risks. SafetyCulture SWMS comply with current WH&S legislation in all states across Australia. This document is fully completed with a step by step procedure that can be edited and appended. This is not a blank template, it is a comprehensive procedure that has been researched and developed by a qualified writer.