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WHS Recording Centre


Brand: SafetyCulture

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The WHS Recording Centre is a combination of forms, registers, and checklists commonly used for day to day record keeping required by employers who have business premises.

The WHS Recording Centre works in conjunction with the SafetyCulture WHS Policy Manual.  

WHS Recording Station Contents List  

Section 1 Consultation, Co-operation & Co-ordination

   1.1 Remote & Isolated Work Module

    1.1.1 Amendment Record

    1.1.2 Distribution of controlled copies

    1.1.3 Introduction

    1.1.4 Project Details

    1.1.5 Background Information

    1.1.6 Appendix A: Work Assessment Checklist

    1.1.7 Appendix B – Part 1: Communication Plan

    1.1.8 Appendix B – Part 2: Call-in Log

    1.1.9 Appendix C: Plant/Equipment Register

    1.1.10 Appendix D: Emergency Details

    1.1.11 Appendix E: Training Register for Remote/Isolated Works

   1.2 Toolbox Meeting Minutes

   1.3 WHS Meetings

    1.3.1 Work Health and Safety Meeting Minutes

Section 2 Emergency Management

   2.1 Emergency Contact Details

Section 3 Hazardous Chemicals

   3.1 Chemical Manifest

   3.2 Hazardous Chemical – Dangerous Goods Register

    3.2.1 Hazardous Chemical/Dangerous Goods Key

Section 4 Hazardous Work

   4.1 Audiometric Testing Record

   4.2 Health Surveillance Record

   4.3 High Risk Work Licence Reference List

   4.4 Job Safety Analysis

   4.5 Noise Monitoring Record

   4.6 Risk Assessment Form

   4.7 Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Template 9

   4.8 Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Checklist

   4.9 Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Register

Section 5 Health & Welfare

   5.1 Workplace Bullying Report Form

    5.1.1 Workplace Bullying Flow Chart

Section 6 Incident & Hazard Reporting

   6.1 Hazard Profile

   6.2 Hazard Report Form

   6.3 Incident Report Form

   6.4 Incident/Near Miss/ Hazard Report Register

    6.4.1 Incident Register - Key

Section 7 Induction & Training

   7.1 Induction Checklist

   7.2 Induction Register

   7.3 Plant Licence & Training Register

   7.4 Site Induction Register

   7.5 Training Register

   7.6 Worker Training & Competency Record

Section 8 Monitoring & Reviewing

   8.1 WHS Document Register

   8.2 Workplace Checklist

Section 9 Plant, Equipment & Structures

   9.1 Electrical Equipment Register

   9.2 Electrical Safety Checklist

   9.3 Work Health and Safety Legislation Register

   9.4 Plant & Equipment Hazard Register

   9.5 Plant & Equipment Register

   9.6 Plant Hazard Checklist - non-mobile plant

   9.7 Plant Hazard Checklist - powered mobile plant

   9.8 Plant Maintenance Log

   9.9 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Register

   9.10 Purchasing Record

   9.11 Vehicle Accident SWMS

   9.12 Vehicle Inspection Checklist

   9.13 Vehicle Maintenance Log

Section 10 Risk Management

   10.1 Contractor Evaluation Form

   10.2 Contractor Spot Inspection Form

   10.3 Hierarchy of Risk Controls

   10.4 Non-Conformance Form

    10.4.1 Appendix A: Conformance Report Received:

   10.5 Risk Register

   10.6 Site Audit Tool

   10.7 Site Contractors Log

   10.8 WHS Roles & Responsibilities

The OHS Documents are supplied in MSWord format for unlimited printing all year round.  

This document has been developed and provided by SafetyCulture Pty Ltd and is offered for sale by ACRIS Services who are licensed resellers for Australia. SafetyCulture employ former WorkSafe Inspectors to research and write documents ensuring safe work practices can be understood and followed by employees performing high risk activities in the course of their duties. SafetyCulture's mission is to make Safety A Way Of Life for workers across the world by providing documentation through software and printable files.