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Workplace Inspection Check List - Weekly


Brand: SafetyCulture

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Product Description

Would you consider your workplace a safe environment for your staff?

Do you perform regular checks to ensure that all of your procedures are working ?

Unfortunately when we become used to a workplace we stop looking at it objectively. This is why checklists are so important. They force us evaluate situations in way that we would not normally do day to day.

For instance:

  • Is all your electrical equipment within test date?
  • Is your Fire Protection Equipment avaiable and being regular inspected?
  • Is waste being disposed of in a timely and safe manner?


If any of these questions cause you to think and make a mental note to check, odds are you are not currently performing a weekly inspection of your workplace. Without a regular inspection hazards can accumulate unnoticed. Risks expand and the potential for an accident increases.


The Weekly Workplace Inspection Checklist provides you with a tool for recording inspections on a weekly basis.

  • MS Word – not PDF
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to complete


By delegating the task of checking the workplace to a trained member of staff you also invite greater participation in workplace health and safety from your staff members. Studies have shown that workplaces that follow safe work procedures are far more productive than those that do not.

Invest in your companies future with a professionally prepared Workplace Inspection Weekly Checklist.


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